How to Read Off the Script While Connecting with Your Acting Partner

Sun Sep 21, 2014 ∙ 17:28pm ∙ Donald The Dialect Coach

One of the questions that I get asked a lot by my clients and by the community members here at is


                        Is it OK to look at the script when you’re auditioning?


There are 2 answers to that question.


  1. If it’s a true Cold Read (meaning they just gave you the script) of course you’re going to have to read from the script.



  1. If they’ve given you the script ahead of time, then it should be pretty close to being memorized. You should be very comfortable with the material.  You should still keep the script in your hand during the audition as a backup plan. If you don’t have the script in your hand, then there are going to be expecting a perfect and flawlessly memorized and fleshed out performance.


If you’re doing a cold reading from the script, there are a couple of things that you must do.


  1. You have to look up to speak. You can’t have your head down while you’re auditioning. You should look down and read each line in your head to yourself. Once you have the line, look up and deliver it to your partner (or the camera).



What’s most important for the Casting Director is for them to be able to see your eyes.


If your face is buried in the page during your audition, they cannot see your eyes. In order for your eyes to be visible, you must look up to speak.


This will also help you to connect with your partner. It’s very difficult do good acting when you have a boundary or obstacle (a piece of paper) that’s keeping your from truly connecting.

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