About Donald

I’m Donald Gipson, a Los Angeles-based dialect coach. I teach actors and business people how to do various dialects of spoken English and how to modify their own accents. Recently, I was honored when the top entertainment coaches in Los Angeles selected me to be the Dialect Associate for Master Talent Teachers, a website that provides free training videos from professionals in every aspect of the entertainment industry. I am also the Dialect and Accent Reduction coach for The Blue8 Group, a school for Action Actors in the heart of Hollywood, California.


What makes me unique?

First and foremost, I’m a teacher. I’ve intensively studied all aspects of pedagogy, and I fully understand how we learn and retain information. Engaged learning is one of the secrets of my success! I respect that every person learns differently, and nothing satisfies me more than seeing an actor “get” the accent that they are working on. Secondly, I am a professional actor, and I have a deep appreciation for the acting process. Accent training is a skill that supports your acting. There is nothing more powerful than gaining skills as an actor. Nobody can ever take your skills away from you. They set you apart from the competition. I'll show you the fun and easy way to learn dialects and reduce your accent. More importantly, I'll teach you how to own a dialect, build up your skill set, and add more value to yourself as an actor.

What is The Accent Switch?

Many actors are concerned that they will lose their accent when learning a new one. With my Accent Switch Method, you’ll never have to worry about that. You will discover how to turn an accent or dialect on, off, up, or down at the drop of a hat. The Accent Switch is a powerful tool that gives you complete control of your voice. I’m excited to teach you how to switch it on!